9 Best Pillows to Cradle Your Noggin for a Great Night’s Sleep

9 Best Pillows to Cradle Your Noggin for a Great Night’s Sleep

There are many ways to get a good night’s sleep, but typically, the last on that list is pillows. Even if you have a sleep mask, white noise machines, or have a sleep routine, all of that won’t do you much good if the pillow you have is uncomfortable.

All pillows are not created equal these days as there are many designed now to handle specific issues that people have while sleeping. Regardless, the ones I have picked out are designed to offer the best sleep possible depending on your situation.

Criteria for a Good Pillow for Sleeping

Before getting into the list of best pillows I selected, here are the criteria that went into selecting the ideal pillows for sleeping:

Ideal material – The insides of pillows and the fabric itself can all be made differently. This allows people to provide various benefits. All the materials used for these pillows are designed to provide great sleep quality. Unique technology – These pillows won’t be found in regular stores and offer technology that separates them from your average pillow. Fit to be comfortable – Naturally, these pillows do have comfort in mind. These stores have a variety of pillows to pick from, allowing you to choose the ideal pillow for yourself.

In addition to the above criteria, most of the pillow companies here are USA-based companies. You’ll be supporting American businesses and, in many cases, enjoy free shipping and faster delivery.

9 Best Pillows for Sleeping

Here are the 9 best pillows to use for a great night’s sleep.

1. Best for Neck and Back Pain: Pillow Cube

As the name suggests, Pillow Cube specializes in pillows in the shapes of cubes. These are ideal for those who sleep on their sides most of the time as the material is firm enough to ensure your head is parallel to your mattress.

This also has the added benefit of aligning your spine, and it completely removes the need for your head to tilt downward in softer pillows.

In addition, these pillows have temperature regulation and are made with high-quality material. You won’t need to flip your pillow about, and it stays in that cube shape for years to come.

Pillow Cube offers two types of pillows:

Side Sleeper Pro – designed to align your spine and provide comfort Ice Cube Cooling Pillow – designed in the same cube form but also has cooling technology that ensures you’re sleeping ten degrees cooler

The one downside is that these pillows are not ideal for any other kind of sleeper. So, if you sleep on your side and shift positions in the middle of your sleep, these pillows might not be ideal.

2. Best Customized Pillow: Pluto Brand, Inc.


There are several pillows on this list designed for all kinds of problems people have a night. But what if you don’t need all that and want a really good pillow?

Well, instead of picking up any pillow, how about getting a pillow that is created for you? That is what Pluto Brand, Inc. provides. Every one of their pillows is custom-built to your body’s features, such as how you sleep and what you look for in an ideal pillow.

Beyond the customization, the pillows in general are made from a solid foam core that’s encased within an outer plush pillow. The height, density, and additives are what you have control over based on how you answer their simple questionnaire. The same is true with how thick it is and the number of fibers in the outer cover, too.

But despite these customizations, there are some pillows that the company won’t be making, such as down or latex pillows. So, if you’re looking for those specifically, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

3. Best Suspension Pillow: GX Pillows


Made out of the United Kingdom, Gx Suspension Pillows are perfect for sleeping. Their Medium-soft version is their original idea and has patented internal ties.

What these ties do is pull the pillow up and gently cradle your head and neck, providing comfort throughout the night.

Other notable features of this pillow are:

A 100% cotton shell for a softer and luxurious feel Use of a special Polycoz filling that Gx Pillows uses for greater comfort Integral vented end to keep you and the pillow cool

Please note that this product is only being shipped within the United Kingdom though.

4. Best Memory Foam: Marlow


For the best memory foam pillow, look no further than Marlow, which has pillows that are simply the best.

Unlike a lot of memory foam pillows, this one is our pick for the best due to its four key features:

Antimicrobial – This provides a protective shell that allows your pillow to be cleaner for a longer period while you sleep. Supportive – It has a good mixture of firmness and loft to ensure you get the most support out of it. Cool – The foam that it uses is cool and has a breathable mesh for ideal airflow. Adjustable – You can zip or unzip the pillow for a firmer or softer pillow entirely mess-free.

Even with all of this, these pillows are made out of China and shipped out by the company that’s in the US. As a result, you can expect delays and extra taxes when buying these pillows.

5. Best Relaxing Pillow: CBD Pillow


For the best all-natural and relaxing pillow, consider CBD Pillow to cover this. The pillows this company makes are infused with a patented micro-encapsulation technology that has millions of CBD microcapsules in the pillow. These microcapsules are different from your topical or edibles as these ones on the pillow slowly release CBD all night long.

The reason for this is simple: friction causes the capsules to burst and slowly release CBD. That CBD is then absorbed directly through your hair follicles and skin, which will then help you to regulate your sleep throughout the night. This results in a relaxing and calming sleep.

These pillows are the most innovative CBD product ever. Even so, the cannabis aspect is one of the tougher sells for individuals.

6. Best Overall Pillow: LMP Worldwide, Inc. Classic Pillow


LMP Worldwide, Inc.—or I Love Pillow—is a company that takes pride in being made in the USA. It offers free shipping, a 100-Night Trial, and easy-to-care pillows.

Their Classic Traditional pillows are the best overall pillows that you can go for due to the following reasons:

These pillows were designed for support in any kind of sleeping position. The pillows are known for keeping their shape over time, suggesting that a high level of foam is being used since these are foam pillows. The memory foam itself is breathable, adapts, and is odor-free. It comes with a soft Microfiber cover that’s removable, machine washable, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic. These pillows have been rigorously tested for two years to find the ideal comfort of pillow design and technology. This pillow specifically has been awarded as the best pillow for back pain, the best memory foam in the contour pillow category, and the best temperature control.

7. Best Speaker Pillow: Soundasleep

Soundasleep is a UK-based company that has created a revolutionary, unique, smart, and luxury comfort pillow through its speaker pillow. Their classic version of the pillow is most notable for the speaker inside of it.

The speaker itself is undetectable and allows you to listen to music or audiobooks. Best of all, the sounds don’t disturb other people while you are sleeping.

Furthermore, this pillow can track sleep patterns and has a snore management feature.

Beyond the tech, the pillow itself is designed for comfort in mind. It’s generously filled with soft and springy hollow fiber that provides great support for your head and neck. The cover is quilted for the ultimate comfort, too.

But please note that this product is only being shipped within the United Kingdom.

8. Best Pillow on a Budget: Live and Sleep Pillow


One of the big problems with pillows—and by extension, mattresses—was in order to test them out, you often have to go into stores to try them out. Live and Sleep recognized the issue and decided to forgo all of that.

On top of that, they focus on making a pillow that wouldn’t cost you a lot of money to try out and buy.

Their traditional Live and Sleep pillow notable features are:

Memory foam pillows will cradle your head for better sleep overall. It offers incredible support and removes neck pain. It is lightweight while still keeping a firmness to it that isn’t making it incredibly squishy – ideal for comfortable sleeping on the side or back. The pillows are eco-friendly as they use fewer chemicals in their pillows, resulting in you sleeping better. The company focuses on helping others. Some of the proceeds go directly to a charity.

9. Best Down Pillow: Lux Pillow

The last pillow on the list is one of the best down pillows from Lux Pillow. This pillow has been crafted from sustainably sourced white goose down and has the highest quality small-game waterfowl feather that the market has to offer.

Other notable features are:

Two choices of sizes: Standard (20″ x 26″) and King (20″ by 36″) Free US Shipping and Returns 100-Night sleep trial Responsible Down Standard Certified Designed for all sleep types


There are many kinds of pillow companies out there that provide all kinds of unique pillows for various needs. Whether you want to decorate your home with thematic pillows, sleep on, or ones that are truly comforting at night and keep you cool, you’ll find several of these from this list.

Pick whichever addresses your particular problem, and let us know how you feel. Even if you’re not into the pillow, many of these companies offer 100-night trials, allowing you to return the pillow hassle-free!

Featured photo credit: Victor Hughes via unsplash.com

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